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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Secure Admin must be enabled to access the DAS remotely GlassFish

Resolved :Error Configuration Error: Secure Admin must be enabled to access the DAS remotely In GlassFish

Version: GlassFish 4


enable-secure-admin --host --port 4848

Detailed Steps:: 

1. C:\glassfish4\glassfish\bin> asadmin

Note: Try to start the GlassFish Server if stopped.

asadmin> start-domain mydomain

Again Error: 
asadmin> enable-secure-adminRemote server does not listen for requests on [localhost:4848]. Is the server up?No such local command: enable-secure-admin.  Unable to access the server to execute the command remotely.  Verify the server is available.Command enable-secure-admin failed.

To Start The domain if Don't know which domain started type

asadmin> list domainasadmin>start-domain yourdomain   
To Stop The Domain type
asadmin> stop-domain yourdomain

Go to the path C:\glassfish4\glassfish\bin> asadmin 

asadmin> enable-secure-admin --host --port 4848

Deprecated syntax, instead use:
asadmin --host --port 4848 enable-secure-admin [options] ...
Enter admin user name>  admin
Enter admin password for user "admin">

Command enable-secure-admin executed successfully.

Note: You must restart all running servers for the change in secure admin to take effect.

To restart the domain: 

asadmin> restart-domain mydomain

Now try to refresh your Glash Fish Server http://your-hostname-or-IP:4848

To Disable the Remote Access for a custom host or everyone type: 

#>disable-secure-admin --host --port 4848

Thanks for looking the solutions here if you are still having issue please don't hesitate to comment me on this blog.

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